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VOGUE COLLECTION launches its new collection, an ode to lightheartedness, youth and joie de vivre, and it does so through a campaign designed by EPHOTO. A sunny day spent with friends is the common thread throughout the shots produced, in collaboration

Founded in 2008, Regenesi is a pioneering brand in the production and marketing of products made from regenerated raw materials. Quality and design merge with modern manufacturing technology to create unique products boasting significant aesthetic and sustainable properties. REGENESI felt

PUCCI LAUNCHES ON ITS ONLINE STORE "LA GROTTA AZZURRA" COLLECTION, DESIGNED BY CAMILE MICELI, WITH PHOTO PRODUCTION BY EPHOTO The historic Pucci fashion house ushers in a new era with rebranding by Camile Miceli. The Artistic

Is the fashion industry moving towards the metaverse? What exactly is the metaverse? No one is entirely sure yet, because no one knows exactly how it will turn out. "What we're really talking about is the future of the Internet,"

#CULTURE For a great many, the real New Year's Eve comes with the arrival of September. It may be a relic from childhood, perhaps the vacation season has always provided a sense of restoration for the soul&body and