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About Us

EPHOTO was founded in 2013, building on the experience of its three founders in the field of photo production. The company has since gained considerable expertise in production and strategic planning, which it shares with clients and collaborators on a daily basis.

In 2017, EPHOTO joined Gruppo Triboo, a leading digital transformation company. That same year, the Group was listed as being active in the digital sector on the MTA market of the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana).

EPHOTO supports clients in content production decision-making. It assists companies in making the most efficient and effective choices, ranging from redesigning in-house workflows, providing hands-on support in restructuring production departments, to managing outsourced photo and video services.
Across all the work we do, we strive to adopt practices with a potential for positive environmental and social impact.


Flexibility, collaboration and transparency are our driving forces at EPHOTO; we seek to provide our customers with practical tools to optimize their digital business.

EPHOTO offers more than just a service. By sharing its expertise, it delivers added value, enabling its partners, clients and employees to invest in their own know-how.


EPHOTO is a combination of diverse personalities and creative approaches: three experienced co-founders and a dedicated team of professionals, passionately producing advanced and powerful visual content.

Founders & Partners

Priscilla Foschi


Born in Florence, Priscilla graduated with a degree from the University of Siena. As a manager of content production, she personally witnessed the emergence and growth of eCommerce beginning in 2008. She has experimented in various environments, from flash sales and fashion to working with luxury brands. She has managed the industrial workflows of photo production in every company she has worked in. In 2013, she founded EPHOTO together with her associates Giulia Ghiazza and Roberta Prisino, sharing a common vision and pioneering spirit. Today, Priscilla implements the company's strategy and manages clients.

Giulia Ghiazza


Born in 1987, Giulia began working in digital photography at a young age. After finishing her studies, she worked in the world of flash sales, first as an assistant in a training academy and then in the shooting department. She played a role in the creation and evolution of eCommerce photography. Today, Giulia is creative director at EPHOTO, where quality and efficiency come together in a unique mix that demands strong commitment and determination.

Roberta Pirisino


Roberta has continually played her part in the growth of EPHOTO with her firm pragmatism. Responsiveness, dedication and intuition have allowed EPHOTO to maintain a highly flexible structure and know-how, responding quickly to the needs of an ever-changing and fast-moving market. Roberta co-founded EPHOTO in 2013 and today manages the operational department.

Giulio Corno


Founder and CEO of the Triboo Group, he serves as Chairman of the Board of EPHOTO and makes strategic contributions to its development. He holds a degree in Economics from Catholic University in Milan, as well as a BBA and an MBA from George Washington University. Married with four children, he has dozens of M&A transactions to his name and three companies he manages and invests in are listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

EPHOTO is always open to new talent