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EPEOPLE: The Founders

How and when did the need to become a benefit company arise?

GIULIA: The need arose in mid-2021, a time when – thanks to the success of our strong corporate structure – it was possible to take an extra step to consider how EPHOTO carries out its activities in terms of its socio-environmental impact.

This was the impetus that led the company to embark on a precise and determined path, aimed at achieving clear and necessary changes.

The issue of making a positive impact on society and the environment is increasingly cited in the mission statements of fashion houses, making “sustainability” a contemporary trend. How can “doing business” be successfully integrated with this ethical model?

PRISCILLA: We like to think that there are many ways to achieve the same goals, it’s about working and committing to a pathway that is consistent with the values we believe in. The path we have embarked on is first and foremost a journey towards awareness and sharing. We discovered that many best practices were already built-in to our workflows and it is now a matter of consolidating and better-structuring these processes.

What sustainability goals has EPHOTO set for 2022?

ROBERTA: We will mainly work on projects aimed at creating a positive impact for the younger generation and our society. A new training project called EPHOTO_LAB will be launched very soon, and we will simultaneously develop during the second quarter two integration projects with a couple of prominent social organizations.