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Humana People to People Italia is a humanitarian international cooperation organization that has been promoting sustainable development in the textile sector, and beyond, for over twenty years.

Since 1998, thanks to their efforts to collect, sort and sell used clothing, they have been supporting medium-long term programs around the world and socio-environmental projects in Italy. Through their ethical and transparent supply chain, donated clothing is transformed into resources for projects in education, sustainable agriculture, health protection and community development.

From November 2021, our agency will become a Benefit Company, integrating into our business plan a series of activities aimed at shared social benefits including sustainability and ethics.

The meeting with Humana gave rise to an important collaboration. We enthusiastically curated the new eCommerce production platform, bringing the right look to items that millions of people entrust to the organization: clothes, bags, shoes and accessories dating back from the ‘60s to the ‘90s that are calling out for a second life.

The non-profit collaboration stems from the need of the Italian Humana team to transform their own app – created as a response to the pandemic – into an eCommerce platform; the launch of the platform took place on April 22, 2022, World Earth Day.

EPHOTO explores the soul of Humana Vintage to emphasize the values that characterize the organization with ad hoc creative design; the banners made, for example, are set in nature – thus emphasizing respect for the environment and the importance of buying second hand garments, and further shots highlight social and ethical themes such as peace.

EPHOTO is engaged in supporting Humana Italia in the production and realization of all its photographic content for the online platform: art direction and creativity, shooting sessions for about 7300 SKUs in 2022, banners for the homepage and promos, as well as providing technical tips.

Regarding the product information sheets, the proposed shots capture still life on a wooden hanger, to evoke a retro feel, set against a white background for a crisp, minimalist rendering. The “special” garments, on the other hand, feature a modern set with an editorial slant. This special collaboration in the first week of its launch registered 18,000 users with an average of 3 minutes browsing on the site.

“We are happy to have met on our path a prestigious company in the field of photographic production such as EPHOTO, which wanted to embark with us on a path towards social engagement. The experience and expertise provided by the agency brings great added value to our business, which is making a difference in the implementation of flagship projects, such as the launch of the new Humana Vintage e-commerce.”

Luca Gilardi, Retail Manager Humana Vintage Italia