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We like to think that our team can discover or explore new practices and rituals to nurture their minds and bodies.

We have, in fact, activated a subscription with CIAOMONDO, a personal space where you can grow and evolve, where you can practice, cry or laugh, relax, and share your emotions with Licia and all the participants.

When we met the people behind this project, Licia and Francio, an informal chat naturally ensued.

How and when was the project created?

The project was founded as Gold Friday: an alternative to black Friday linked to our brand Licia Florio.

We used to gift 1 hour a day with a teacher chosen by Licia. After a month of working together, it was the community itself that asked us to continue. So in January 2021, CIAOMONDO was born, with the aim of helping people find a balance between mind and body.

What is the meaning of the name CIAOMONDO?

CIAOMONDO has a double meaning.

On the one hand it is, “Bye World, I am taking an hour out for myself to practice.”

On the other hand it means, “Hello World, I’m back, now I am able to share myself with others.”

What does it mean to establish a community today?

What we try to do is to listen and be supportive toward people at all times.

Everything we develop is related to specific requests that people have made.

The other important part is to always be transparent and honest.

Future projects for the platform?

We are always working on new projects: teachers, workshops, meditations, offline projects.

A book published by Fabbri Editore is also coming out in the winter.

How can you integrate the spiritual aspect of yoga and certain disciplines with a cool, contemporary aesthetic?

Our focus is on movement, which is then materialized through various practices.

You can experiment within CIAOMONDO. Creativity and curiosity are the basis of our philosophy.