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How many times during the summer did you feel like going to the movies? And how many times did you resist because “shutting yourself in a movie theater when it is so sunny outside” seemed like a waste?

That is why open-air cinemas have been populating squares all over Italy again for a few years now.

And what could be nicer than a city brought to life by the big screen beneath the stars, where you can see old classics or even new releases.

Milan has decided to start again this year with the new edition of the traditional summer festival AriAnteo, organized by Anteo, based at the Palazzo Reale and AriAnteo Chiostro dell’Incoronata. The cinema will light up evenings in Milan from June 15, offering a rich and exciting schedule of films, solely held outdoors.

Everything is under the banner of entertainment and cinematic art, ranging from quality Italian and foreign releases, premieres and family films.

There will also be no shortage of blockbuster films such as Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci, which follows the story of the well-known Gucci family, or the highly anticipated sequel to the historic Top Gun released in 1986, starring yet again the unmistakable Tom Cruise.