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Founded in 2008, Regenesi is a pioneering brand in the production and marketing of products made from regenerated raw materials.
Quality and design merge with modern manufacturing technology to create unique products boasting significant aesthetic and sustainable properties.
REGENESI felt the need to evolve towards a more concrete, consistent and coherent brand image for its end consumer. EPHOTO redesigned their online image, conveying the essence of the brand through sophisticated and evocative images.

The goal of the new communication format is to bridge the gap, creating fluid and dynamic content that promotes the brand’s central value: a deep love of nature and everything that makes it up. Natural elements with their neutral force are expressed and depicted through textures, colors and shapes, resulting in a sensory experience of the product through digital collages, combined with tactile comparisons between the brand’s core ideals (nature and product).

The aim is to uncover natural beauty and create a sense of care towards our ecosystem. Never-ending surfaces are like worlds onto themselves, revealing the depth of the product and the richness of every detail that the brand intends to salvage and preserve.
All Regenesi products are handmade in Italy from either recycled or renewable materials (aluminum, glass, leather, plastic, textiles, paper etc.), following an innovative manufacturing process that preserves the quality of the raw material used.