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Our services

Our flexibility-oriented approach enables us to offer totally tailored end-to-end services,
either aimed at campaign contents, eCommerce or editorial services.


Creative consultation, advicing dedicated to the production flow, devising of campaings and moodboards, definition of guidelines, consultation on image and styling.


Photo shootings, management of simultaneous sets, video filming, creation management, staff organization, casting and booking of models, styling, hair and make-up.


Developed internally at EPHOTO in collaboration with the partner THRON, E-FLOW is a web based application for Digital Asset Management (DAM), designed both for the optimized and standardized management of the production flow, and to allow the customer to enjoy all the content created. A highly usable platform born from concrete needs, where to design and consolidate brand content intelligence.


A selection of 12 studios, each suitable for different needs and specific client’s requests. In more detail: 4 studios with white cyclo. Studio 1, 2 and 5 are completely white, whereas studio 3 has black walls and a white cyclo; 2 hangar spaces, each provided with 2 moving walls which can modify the dimension of the space, accordingly to the client’s request; 2 daylight studios, which can be paired together when needed. They are located at the first floor and characterised by roof windows with moving curtains. Every studio is provided with basic furniture such as desks, chairs, rails, hangers, etc. Studio 3 and studio 11 also have a second access from the outside, which is particularly suitable for loading and unloading of any kind of equipment.