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Ferragamo opens the door to an unforgettable summer through its Palm Resort collection with a social media campaign created by E-PHOTO.

Intense and bright colors provide the backdrop for the brand’s new accessories, with light and shadow highlighting the contrasts.

The Florentine brand, famous for its made-in-Italy elegance and timeless class, shows off the feisty side of its character, proposing new products or redesigns – such as, for example, the homage to the well-known Ferragamo Studio Bag restyled by artist Julien Colombier, who through the exclusive print re-proposes the iconic bag in a new, decidedly more summery key.

This is a longing cry for vacation and lightheartedness akin to a Mediterranean dream: architectural references to the Arab world, such as the labyrinth of the Kasbah, reminders of sunny days and dreamy moods standing still in time.