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May 20th marked World Bee Day and celebrated other pollinating insects such as wasps, butterflies, moths and beetles.

More than 20,000 species provide an indispensable pollination service that nearly 90 percent of all wild flowering plants and 80 percent of plants that produce food and products for human consumption depend on.

Factors such as pollution and agricultural industrialization with the use of pesticides, along with increasingly drastic climate changes impacting the flowering calendar, are among the major contributors to the extinction of bees.

Against the background of this scenario of significant and silent loss, the impact of which will only fully understand in the future, we believe that immediate and concrete action is of the upmost importance.

This is why we support “Save the Queen,” Legambiente’s campaign to contribute to bee repopulation and biodiversity conservation through sustainably practiced beekeeping.

Follow this link to support the campaign and learn more