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By partnering with EPHOTO, the DMT team is presenting a new digital strategy that will drive the brand towards major achievements in 2023.
The date that marked this new approach to communication and marketing was April 26, with the new launch of an eCommerce site featuring both products and testimonials in a dedicated, cutting-edge space built on vision, creativity and technology, just like the brand’s DNA: Dream, Make, Team Up!

Since collaborating with our agency, the new site has been enhanced with a product configurator: innovative technology that allows for customization and creation of ad hoc footwear, as well as innovative and high-performance tools such as Virtual Try-On and augmented reality.

The whole collection presented comes alive through a moving and engaging narrative that allows the customer to “wear” each item and visualize every product down to the smallest detail and appreciate its uniqueness.

The product sheets are being built with 3D images, a major innovation that is a huge success in terms of conversion and performance just over a month after the site’s launch.

An important reference point that is alive and kicking for all cycling and brand enthusiasts.